While the Midwest isn’t exactly a hotbed of fandom for either team in Sunday’s game, one Hannibal resident will definitely be cheering for New England in a BIG way.

Michelle Williams of Hannibal was our season-long Pro Football Pick ‘Em winner with an overall record of 170-66 during the 2016 season. And because of her stellar selections, she now has a chance to win up to $10,000 following Sunday’s matchup!

Though the longtime Denver fan would have much preferred a repeat of last year’s championship game, Michelle has picked New England to defeat Atlanta by a score of 47-44. She also has them leading by a field goal at halftime by the score of 24-21. If she gets EITHER of these scores correct, she’ll win $1,000.

And if she gets BOTH correct, she’ll win $10,000!

Best of luck, Michelle! We’re all rooting for you…even if it means rooting for New England.

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