Of all the experiences in my life, float trips were among my favorites. That's one reason why I wanted to share a canoe or kayak float option that might be the most mellow I've seen in Illinois.

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Are you familiar with the Nippersink Creek Canoe Trail? It's located in McHenry County, Illinois. Only In Your State just dropped a neat article about the paddle options there and it's worth your attention if you like your floats a bit on the more mellow side.

Among the highlights are a couple bridges which you paddle under and most of the water is low-intensity meaning you won't have to navigate through dangerous rapids.

The National Trails Project mentions this is actually a really long canoe trail with 23 miles of water with 12 and 15 miles for the main route. Miles Paddled ranks the canoe difficulty at "riffles" which is beginner level. They note that you're likely to see a lot of waterfowl including herons and ducks on the trip.

If you're looking for summer water options, you could do a lot worse than a day on the Nippersink Canoe Trail. A little bit of exercise and a whole lot of gentle waves.

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