This Thursday someone is going to win a $5,000 kitchen makeover from Y101 and Midwest Paints & Home Center. If you listen to Y101, you probably already knew that. But here are a few things you probably didn't know about the night and the contest.

We take all the registrations and select 101 of them to be what we call preliminary finalists. They all will be part of a contest to dwindle the total down to just 5 finals to determine a winner. The 101 Finalist List is also published on this website. If you see a friend on the list, contact them to let them know. We try to contact all 101 people, but sometimes all we can do is leave a message.

Before that happens, we serve a wonderful pulled pork dinner to all of the contestants from Riverside Smokehouse and water or Pepsi products from Refreshment Services Pepsi and later present dessert from TCBY.  This all happens around 5:30 to 6 pm. This is why we ask all 101 finalists to be a Midwest Paints & Home Center prior to 6 pm.

Promptly at 6 pm we begin the contest to determine our grand prize winner.  If you come after 6 pm you will NOT be eligible to win as once we get started we cannot  "fit you in", so get there early if you are a finalist.

Many people are under the misconception that we play contests that involve people to work up a sweat. That is NOT the case. We go through several elimination rounds that involve nothing strenuous. Things like selecting a playing card or picking a number are utilized for each round. So lifting weights will not give you an advantage over anyone else.

These are fun rounds to be a part of and to witness if you are not a contestant. So family members and friends are invited to come watch the proceedings and root you on as well. With each elimination round people bow out of the grand prize competition but they can still win as they will enter a drawing to win $101.

So 101 people are selected to be finalist, but not all of them show up probably thinking we will be there for two hours or so. Nothing could be further from the truth as the entire contest takes less than 45 minutes. Taking 45 minutes of your time to win a $5,000 kitchen makeover sound like a pretty good deal to me.

Someone is going to win it, so it might as well be you!  See you this Thursday at Midwest Paints & Home Center at 4400 Broadway in Quincy.

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