This has been a year. It's hard to think back to when we were all able to be around our loved ones without masks, and able to hug those we loved. However, there is some good that I found in 2020, and something I has all along and took for granted. Love!

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Back in March, when businesses, restaurants, bars, everything was closed Quincy looked like something out of The Walking Dead. I had to be home with my girls, and trying to navigate through school work and my daily responsibilities (at the moment) was a nightmare. But then things started to somewhat get back to normal, and at that moment I realized how lucky I really am.

Yes, times were hard, yes people where losing their jobs, yes life was difficult, but the one thing that remained for me (and I am sure many of you) was love. Love for my girls, love for my husband, family, friends, co-workers, and without all those people in my life I would not be able to get through these past months. And now as we see COVID-19 numbers spike again in the Tri-States and around the country, I am brought back to what has kept me together all this time. Love! Love for my girls who I was able to work from home and help with school work. Love for my husband who has to listen to my vent and cry because I was helping my girls with school work and working from home. Love for my family who I miss, love for my friends who have helped me (yes wine was included) get through the hard days. Love for my co-workers and listeners of our stations who gave me a reason to get out of bed.

This time of year, I always look forward to cooking for my family, playing games, going Black Friday shopping with my sisters (and trying to get everything on our list) and this year none of that will happen. I still haven't met my nephew who was born in February, but we’ve all had to make huge sacrifices for those we love to keep them safe. Yes, it sucks, yes it makes me extremely mad and sad, and angry and every emotion I can think of. But I think of those families who have lost a loved one this year due to the pandemic, and my heart breaks for them. I can still talk to my sisters on Facetime, through text, or phone calls, and these families don't have that anymore. And for those simple things, even a phone call I am grateful now more than ever!

As we get closer to the holidays, and look to start a new year, I ask you to find the good in 2020. Whether it’s something big or something small, there is good out there in your life. Even if it’s a simple thing as love.

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