There are certainly some important and complicated issues swirling around in our world right now. This isn't one of them. It's a rare sweet and innocent moment in our world where a Missouri dog met his new baby sister. Nothing more. Nothing less, but absolutely awesome.

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Based on the video description, this happened a few days ago in Saint Robert, Missouri. Here's what the dog's owner said about this:

Bringing baby Eleanor home to meet her big brother Theodore.

Just maybe this will help you deal with your day with a brief mental relief from heavy and serious issues.

There's a reason why the American Kennel Club describes Dachshunds as "curious, friendly and spunky". That's not inaccurate. You could add "sweet" to that list of adjectives, too. I've also been around enough Dachshunds in my life to know they are fiercely loyal. If you're family, they're your best friend. But, they also see themselves as defenders, too (or at least pretend defenders since they're not really that tough).

I don't have anything else profound to add to this other than you need moments like this to go along with things that require deeper thought and consideration. Compared to what the rest of life is like, I'll take an innocent Missouri dog moment any time any day.

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