The only thing everyone on the internet has is an opinion. Keep that in mind as I explore why the kings and queens of the metaverse are saying that two Missouri attractions are worse than the rest.

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I saw a new conversation shared on Reddit a few days ago that is not a new topic. What's the worst attraction in Missouri? The answer is there isn't just one answer. Yes, the Reddit conversation included a map that was originally shared by Matt Shirley on Twitter a couple years ago. It says that the worst attraction in Missouri is the entire town of Branson.

I will admit that Branson is a bit glitzy, but the people there have always been friendly to me. My family vacationed there many times when I was a kid and I had no complaints. Once again, it's just someone's opinion that happens to also have a Twitter page.

But, wait, there's more.

Not being satisfied with just one opinion, I sought another and found it on the website Travel Alot. Their pick for worst attraction in Missouri is Ozarkland in Villa Ridge, Missouri.

My opinion is it's a bit unfair to pick on a mom and pop souvenir shop. Yes, it does have a lot of bobbleheads and strange mugs, but isn't that the case with all souvenir shops?

This is just another example of everyone on the internet having an opinion and sharing it like it's the Gospel truth.

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