There is something about the end of the year that makes one feel optimistic about the year ahead, but yet a little melancholy.  I think we all have that melancholy feeling to some degree. The true meaning of melancholy is a “feeling of sadness without any definite cause”. In my case, I have a cause for feeling that way and that's because this this Tuesday night one of Quincy’s iconic restaurants will be closing for the final time.  The Patio Restaurant, after 60 years of operation, will cease operations and serving their loyal customers and friends. The Patio is nestled on the first floor of historic Elkton Apartment building and is one of the only restaurants in the area to prepare your steak or pork chop to order on an indoor live charcoal grill.

The Patio was started in September 1959 and was the brainchild of Dave and Rita Neiswender. The space where The Patio is located on the ground floor of the historic Elks building is in the space that was formerly "The Terrace Room", a popular night club with a bar on both sides of the room. The "Terrace Room" went out of business in 1957 and The Patio took over.

The Neiswenders owned the business until 1988. Their sons David and Mark bought The Patio from their parents in 1988 and Mark and his wife Kim eventually purchased David’s half of the business.

The Neisender family has had the pleasure of serving four generations of families and those families have had the pleasure of enjoying the meals and the ambiance of The Patio for those 60 years.

On their web site there are comments from Mark thanking his customers for some 60 years. He also thanks his staff by saying “We also want to thank our loyal employees, who have been family to us. There are really no words to express our profound thanks that each of you have given your all to ensure the success of The Patio. You guys are truly amazing, and we appreciate your dedication in making sure your customers had a great experience while dining at The Patio. You are simply ‘The Best’!”

Speaking of the best, after 60 years, Mark & Kim have decided to enjoy their lives in a well-deserved retirement which will begin January 1. I wish them the best in retirement.  On a personal note, I will miss that fabulous “Patio Pork Chop” and the long-time friendly faces of the employees. I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal at The Patio. What I will miss the most is not being able to go someplace I considered to be very special.

Thanks for everything especially all of my Patio memories!

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