Having founded and organized the St. Patrick's Parade in Quincy my ears perked up a few weeks ago when someone told me a new Irish pub was opening in Quincy. It was intriguing information, but I needed to find out more. So here's the more. Sammy O'Sullivan's Irish Pub & Gaming Parlor opened their doors a few weeks ago at 123 South 4th Street next to The Patio Restaurant. The business is owned and managed by Jody Griffin, the wife of long time Quincy entrepreneur, Danny Griffin. Sammy O'Sullivan's Irish Pub & Gaming Parlor has a full bar (with Guinness on tap!), fantastic food (including home made pizza), gaming machines, and the NFL games playing on Sundays.

It was Danny who came to work last week at Sammy O'Sullivan's and found an interesting note on the door of the business (see picture). Here's the rest of the story from Danny. "The morning after it snowed last week we saw a note in the door. I thought it was an issue or something I needed to deal with. I was pleasantly surprised that it was from a customer. They must have come in sometime that week and tried our pizza. Jody was very happy and pleased that our customers like what they're getting. It's a big step for us."

It's not often that people leave a pleasant note like that one. Feel free to leave a note of your own at Sammy O'Sullivan's Irish Pub & Gaming Parlor.

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