Have you ever walked through you home and looked at a picture or a piece of jewelry and thought "I wonder what that would be worth?".  Even old advertising signs that maybe in your garage right now collecting dust. What would they be worth today? Well our good friends at Emerald City Jewelers are giving people a chance to find out the value of or sell your valuables today through Wednesday at the Estate Road Show being held at their jewelry store.  Here is your chance to bring jewelry, scrap gold and silver, coins and currency, watches, paintings, diamonds, vintage toys and advertising and other rarities to Emerald City Jewelers and find out their value.  You can either keep it or sell it on the spot and you will be paid on the spot as well if a deal is made.

No appointments are necessary.  Just show up with your items.  Get the value for them and either sell it or go back home with your items. The Estate Road Show will be at Emerald City Jewelers at 33rd and Broadway in Quincy today through Wednesday from 9:30am to 5:30pm.  For more information, you can go to www.info@emeraldcityjewelers.com.