If you have ever played the game of baseball, and I did for many years, the game never leaves your blood. This is why I hold onto the belief that I can still hit that ball that wins Game 7 of the World Series.  I will go to my grave thinking that way. Oh there will come a time when I won't be able to get around on a pitch anymore, but fear not baseball fans, I will still go to the batting cage.  Not to swing, but to bunt.

So the day is here, opening day of "The Cage" and off I went with bat in hand waiting for that first pitch to drive "over the wall", or in this case the pitching machine. The results are review-able so let the reviews come in.

I made some pretty good contact from both sides of the plate, but as you'll see, the machine DID find a way to get me out...even if it wasn't technically "legal".

According to the Quincy Park District, the hours now for the Batting Cage in Upper Moorman Park are 3:30 to 9 Monday through Friday, 10-9 on Saturday and 12 noon to 9 on Sunday. The Cage will be open from 10 to 10 beginning Memorial Day.

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