Well this day just keeps getting better and better. First we saw the debut of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department’s EPIC response to their Lip Sync Challenge. And a mere few hours later, we get one from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office as well. Brodie broke down the first one for you, so I’ll tap in and take this one.

SCENE: Three dudes cruising around to some Vanilla Ice showing off their plastic baggies of blue…chemistry? Chemistry. Cops show up and give the boys a good scare to the tune of this legendary scene from Super Troopers. Some maverick in a red Camaro gets a need for speed and flies past. Naturally, we get a taste of Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” followed by some Supremes and T. Swift because why not? Justice prevails to a few more tunes and an ode to a box of donuts (and some more T. Swift because why not?)

Now, I have to applaud the Adams County Sheriff’s Office as well Marion County and the Quincy Police Department for having fun with this and not taking themselves too seriously. And a BIG thanks to the geniuses over at Media Development for getting all three of these videos together. We’ve seen quite a few of these popping up in recent weeks, but these have got to be near the top for us. Kudos to everyone involved.

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