You may know him/her/it as Bigfoot. In Missouri, he/she/it is known as Mo-Mo. A new story tells of how one of these big Missouri beasts was chased off by angry bees.

I've mentioned before that I am a fan of Buckeye Bigfoot. They often share Missouri Bigfoot/Mo-Mo stories and this is a good one. Here's their synopsis of this Mo-Mo tale:

Dee from Missouri is back for another round of details of Bigfoot activity on her property. Tonight she tells us about the time she watched the big male she calls Mo-Mo fight off a swarm of bees after (she suspects) he raided a hive for some honey!

Get the popcorn and your favorite Bigfoot/Mo-Mo blanket and enjoy this story.

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I'll summarize Dee's Mo-Mo story if you don't have time to take it all in yourself:

  • Mo-Mo ran along a tree line and eventually crossed a gravel road
  • His movement was described as "demonic"
  • He flailed at his coat/fur trying to shoo away bees who were attacking him and whatever substance (honey?) was stuck on his fur
  • Mo-Mo had just come from the direction of an old tree with a known large honeybee nest
  • The bees had been purchased from an old Montgomery Ward catalog
  • He looked like a hairy Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • His hair looked like it had been groomed
  • Mo-Mo ran back into the woods flailing at bees

I'm a little depressed that Mo-Mo may have better groomed hair than me. Bummer.

Make sure you follow Buckeye Bigfoot for more great Bigfoot/Mo-Mo stories.

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