On July 19th, someone is going to win a brand new Yamaha 49cc scooter and it might as well be you. The Alzheimer's Association is selling chances to win the scooter now and will hold the drawing during the Dinner/Auction that night at the Mark Twain Casino in LaGrange where the scooter is currently on display. The dinner and auction is open to the public at a cost of $20. The following day the Pro-Am Golf Tournament will be held at the Quincy Country Club and there are a couple of teams slots still open if you would like to enter a team. Call 228-1111 for more info for the dinner, auction and golf events.

I am an original board member of the local Alzheimer's Association and am proud to be a part of their fundraising efforts over the years. Anyone who helps with fundraising knows how difficult it is to ask people for donations to the cause. I never enjoy doing it but I feel that I am helping in a small way to try to end this dreaded disease. A disease my father went through and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. With that said, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Dan Sullivan and the Sullivan Auctioneering family for purchasing scooters the last two years and then donating them to the Alzheimer's Association as a fundraiser.  As I mentioned, I really don't like asking for donations but when I was talking with Dan two years ago we were talking about a lot of things and the topic of the Alzheimer's Association came up.  I mentioned we were looking to find something we could buy and raffle off later to raise money.  Dan asked me "like what?" I told him we were looking at an ATV or a Scooter.  Without hesitation, Dan turned to me and said, "its done".  With two words spoken, Dan bought the scooter and donated it. Ticket sales that followed were great and helped make the event a huge success.  So how do I follow that for this year?  I certainly didn't want to go back to Dan again for this year's raffle prize being grateful for his generosity last year.  Well, Dan ran into me a few weeks ago and said he wanted to purchase another scooter for the Alzheimer's Association this year.  I told him he was way to generous and that I was appreciative.  Dan's thoughtfulness may go unnoticed by many but I am here to let people know that this man and Sullivan Auctioneers have a special place waiting for them for what they have done. Thank you Dan!

To make it all worth while, please purchase a scooter ticket.  They are available at the Alzheimer's Association Office on the second floor of the Quincy Senior Center, The Business Centre, Everything and the Kitchen Sink, the Mark Twain Casino or see me. I'd be glad to sell you one.

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