Last Tuesday afternoon four people lost their lives in a horrific accident when the small bus collided head on with a grain truck. Their bus burst into flames as a result of the impact. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that when I heard the news of this accident I felt a little numb. It’s human nature to feel the way most of us felt that afternoon.

As bad as it was for all of us to hear about it, how bad do you think it was for the first responders at the scene?  Those people do a job I could never do. Imagine what they were feeling Tuesday as they approached that accident.

Whenever I hear stories of police officers being shot or firemen dying fighting a fire it makes me wonder just what life would be like without them. If you have a fire, you call 911 and the fire department is there within minutes. If you need a police officer, they too are there within minutes. The same holds true for an ambulance when needed.

Imagine them not being there. Who handles the fire?  Who calms down a volatile situation? Who takes care of the injured in a wreck? Just think about that for a minute. What would you do without a cop, a fire fighter or an ambulance if needed? It’s a pretty scary proposition! One I hope I never have to live through.

To those people who perished Tuesday, God rest their souls and my thoughts and prayers go out to their families. To those first responders at Tuesday’s accident, I thank you for doing what you could not only that day, but every day. Thank God we have you when needed!

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