Overrated and underrated are absolutely subjective words. One person's trash is another's treasure and so on. However, the fact that a teeny tiny Missouri town was just declared the most underrated in the state isn't wrong in my opinion and I think I can prove it with science.

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World Atlas turned its attention from the entire globe apparently to focus on little ole Missouri and one town in particular. I don't agree with their entire list of the 6 most underrated Missouri towns, but I do emphatically agree #1 is accurate.

According to World Atlas, the #1 most underrated Missouri town is St. James. Surprised? Let's find out why. I'll give you some immediate reasons:

  1. It's got Maramec Spring Park in its backyard
  2. It's got Tiger Shark Waterpark
  3. It's near vineyards
  4. See the #1 reason again

I could make the argument that Maramec Spring Park is the most underrated place in Missouri all by itself. Have you ever seen the sights there? Seriously.

Under the honorable mention reasons why St. James deserves a shout out, it's close enough to the conveniences of Rolla while not having to directly deal with Rolla. If you understand, you understand. Nothing personal, Rolla, but you know what I'm saying is true.

The St. James, Missouri website brags about their quality of life. From what I know of it, they're not wrong. Underrated? That's a subjective thing. For me, that sounds about right though.

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