The 29th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic will be held this Sunday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m. at Blessing Hospital's main entrance. As the founder of this event, the staff at Blessing Riemann College of Nursing was kind enough to name one of two new gigantic Teddy Bears after me two years ago.  He is known as the "Dorsey Bear" and the other is known as "Flo" after Florence Nightingale. Both bears will be there this Sunday there.

As you can see in the picture, he is as tall and as big as me, but doesn't quite talk as much as I do. The kids are going to love to see these two bears on Sunday. The Teddy Bear Clinic is free and open to all children who are asked to bring their favorite stuffed teddy bear, animal or doll to the clinic.

The idea is to help children realize the importance of good health and overcome fears of their own health check-up by conducting a check-up on their favorite teddy bear, doll or stuffed toy. Nursing students will interact with each child and their stuffed bear as they use a stethoscope to listen to heart and lungs, apply a bandage to boo-boos and record their bear’s height and weight. Stations will also provide information on safety and poison prevention.

The Quincy Fire Department will have a fire truck available as will the Adams County Ambulance for the kids to see up close and the Air-Evac Helicopter will be available for viewing as well (if not in use).  Refreshments will be provided by Refreshment Services Pepsi and DOT Foods.

So bring your kids, their teddy bears and your camera Sunday and make a memory you will always cherish. I've cherished my daughter's first Teddy Bear Clinic visit for 29 years and I will forever. Two years ago my grand-kids got to come to the event for the very first time and I will never forget the looks on their faces either.

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