Let the comments fly! The Adams County tax bills were mailed out last week to property owners and everywhere I have been I have heard comments. Not surprisingly, none have been good ones. I have heard everything from "Chicago's taxes are cheaper" to "I am moving to Missouri". The comment of "why should I fix up my place, I'll only see my taxes go up for doing so" was also uttered.  It does make you wonder about improving your property only to get smacked by your tax bill for doing it. I know the argument of increasing your property value in the end.

What good does it do you to spend money to fix your place up, increase your property value as a result and then not have anyone available to buy it because your taxes are driving buyers to Missouri? OK, I just vented about my situation.

I am a proud tax paying American. And as a citizen, I, like the rest of you, need to do better on keeping tabs on just where my tax money is going. To Adams County's credit, they plainly show on your tax bill what was taxed last year compared to this year so you can easily see the difference from one year to the next.

So, before you lay blame for your tax increase check your bill carefully and see just where the increases came from.


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