If you were impressed with the newly revealed first picture ever of a black hole, you can thank the University of Illinois as they were part of the team that made it happen.

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As reported by the BBC and just about every other media organization in the world, the black hole known as Sagittarius A* has now been seen for the first time. What I did not realize is the role played by the University of Illinois as revealed by Fox 32 Chicago.

As they reported, this project involved over 300 scientists from around the world and 8 different telescopes. All of the data from those different telescopes were fed into a computer model developed by the University of Illinois and that's how we now have the image of Sagittarius A*.

There's a fun Quora conversation where the question was asked if this massive black hole in the Milky Way is a danger to us. The short answer is no as we are nowhere nearly close enough to be affected by the pull of that monster. It is a daunting and terrifying concept however if we ever were to come within reach of one. As for now, that's only the subject of Hollywood disaster movies.

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