It's time to hit the road this summer, and let's just say Illinois has some unique attractions you need to take a selfie with.

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I love a good road trip and stopping in towns that have odd and strange attractions, but the State of Illinois has plenty of strange. Roadside Attractions has put a very fun list together of all the cities and towns in Illinois that has some fun attractions to visit. Like the Telephone Museum in Gridley, Illinois or the birthplace of the creator of the Raggedy Anne doll. To be honest, I might skip that one, those dolls freak me out.

There's the site of Al Capone's Grave in Hillside, Illinois and the Man with a Fish Head statue in Batavia, which stands seven feet tall. From North to South and East to West, there are some very interesting attractions in the station and even Quincy is mentioned for having Grave of USA's First African-American Priest. There are several in Springfield so if you don't want to travel to far you still can seem some attractions. Some include the 30-Foot Skinny Abe Lincoln Statuethe Car Bumper Deer ( a deer made out of car parts), a Green Elephant and even Santa Anna's Leg.

So, there is no excuse to say you are bored get out and see some of the weird and strangest attractions in Illinois. If you do visit any of these places, I would love to see your pictures and learn more about the attraction you visited.

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