Now you will know what it's like living as a royal when you stay at this castle-like Airbnb in Illinois.

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Live like a Queen and King (for a while anyway) in this beautiful Airbnb in Oak Park, Illinois. You will have access to the grand kitchen, living room, all the bedrooms, and bathrooms. The whole mansion is available with the exception of the attached coach house and third-floor offices that are locked at this time.

This mansion does come at a cost. Get some family and friends together cause this mansion will cost $5,500 a night, and you might that that will break the bank, but how many times in your life would you get to stay in a mansion like this? This cost just as much as staying at Disney for a week (with airfare and everything included), so spend wisely.

Airbnb / Hosted By Brando

You could have some good times eating and drinking in this dining room. There is staff onsite to clean and for security reasons and will enter all spaces except the bedrooms freely throughout the day. They will stay out of the way.

Airbnb / Hosted By Brando

A great space to relax and enjoy some good conversation. For $5,500 there better be a place to do that. The house is part of's list 'The Most Incredible Airbnb Mansion Rental in Every State,' so if you can afford this it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay in a mansion.

Stay At This Illinois Mansion Airbnb

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to stay in a mansion, here's your chance.

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