Oh, Top 'O The Day to Ya!  Well, another St. Patrick's Parade is in the books. It was wonderful seeing everyone who came out today to watch the parade and "usher in Spring".

What's a parade without spectators?  Another big crowd and another wonderful list of entries. We ended up with 100 entries this year and many have been in the parade for years.

I would like to thank Dan and Rob Ebbing along with Dave Williams and Don Hummel for helping with the parade lineup today.  These guys have been with us for years and we couldn't do it without them. Thanks guys.  A big shout out to Outdoor Power as well for the use of their four-wheelers.

I also need to thank the City of Quincy for agreeing to the parade permit, Central Services for assisting with the barricades and no parking signs, and the Quincy Police and Auxiliary Police Departments for traffic control and security, Kids in Motion of Hannibal for helping with parade cleanup and to Kelly's for being the presenting sponsor of the parade.

I also would like to thank my fellow media friends who were kind enough to promote the parade in advance. It did NOT go unnoticed.

The biggest thank you I saved for last. That thanks goes to you for taking the time to either enter the parade or come out to watch it as we all "Ushered in Spring".  Hopefully, with the good Lord willing, we will do it again next year. Have a great St.Patrick's Day and week ahead.

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