This took me totally by surprise. A St. Louis Zoo visitor just shared video from just a couple weeks ago that managed to capture the sweetest moment between 2 lions.

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I found this video almost by accident. CarrieAnn Sandler shared her visit to the St. Louis Zoo and practically no one has seen it...until now. I was looking through the most recent videos from the St. Louis Zoo when I saw this one. Pay special attention a couple minutes in when the male and female lions share the sweetest moment which results in her lifting his paw toward hers. Aww.

National Geographic has an interesting article about the roles of female and male lions within the pride. They say that the females are the ones who do most of the hunting while the males normally defend the pride's territory.

What about a lion's life expectancy in a zoo versus the wild?

Kidadl says that a lion's life expectancy in the wild may be only 7 to 15 years in the wild while they can live up to 30 years in a zoo. The fight for dominance between prides isn't an easy life and illegal hunting in the lion's natural habitat have greatly reduced their numbers in the wild. Most lions don't live the leisurely life that this lion couple does at the St. Louis Zoo.

What a unique natural moment captured by a St. Louis Zoo visitor that would be relationship goals for most humans.

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