It doesn't matter what you do there are some people who will always want to be a critic. Take for example a Missouri man who frequently shares videos of himself playing with wolves and lions. Some love it while others are quite frankly ticked.

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James Smith (aka liondad1987) is an interesting guy to follow on Instagram. Before I share what the "critics" have to say, check out some of his videos for yourself. James is a part of Wild Animal Adventure Park in Stanton, Missouri and adds on his Instagram page that he has "17 years of Licensed Experience".

It's a good thing that these lions know and have accepted James.




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So what's the problem? Viral Tab shared a story about how James is sharing videos of tapping wild animals on the nose. Not surprising that some people are not pleased. They're not alone. Don't even read the comments on the Missouri sub-Reddit about how people feel about this.

I think the issue is some people having a problem with places like Wild Animal Adventure Park having exotic animals. It's my perception that people are imposing Tiger King views on places like this with concerns about how animals this wild can be made comfortable in small enclosures in Missouri. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with their concerns. I believe they're valid. However, parks like this are regulated and if they're obeying guidelines on the care of these animals, I don't see a problem.

What do you think? Is James Smith a fun guy to follow on Instagram for wild animal moments or a threat to wildlife? I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt unless I hear otherwise.

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