I will admit that I don't know much about lightning other than I'd prefer to not get struck by any. But, even I know when a video about lightning is captivating and that's definitely the case for upward lightning that was recently captured as it climbed into the sky over St. Louis, Missouri.

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Dan Robinson does know a lot about lightning and weather and he's an expert in capturing video of crazy weather especially when it happen in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Here are the details shared by Dan explaining what you're about to witness:

Complex and sky-filling upward lightning discharges put on a spectacular show over the skies in St. Louis on the evening of July 12. Filmed in slow motion with a Chronos 1.4 high speed camera at 1,502 frames per second.

You won't often see lightning in this kind of detail in super slow-motion.

The Royal Meteorological Society explained what's going on when you see what appears to be upward lightning. They said "it primarily occurs when there is a nearby positive cloud-to-ground flash...caused by the preceding flash causes an upward positive leader to initiate from a tall object such as a building, tower or wind turbine." They even shared a video with an explanation about the phenomenon.

I'm gonna pretend I understand the electrical and meteorological concepts they're communicating while my mind circles back to the basic fact that I do understand and that's the hope that I never get struck by any of it.

Lightning Facts vs Myth

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also know as NOAA put together five important facts and myths that we should know about lightning. There are five things you should know when encountering lightning. Keep things things in mind the next time you get stuck in a storm.

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