It was graduation time in early June of 1992 and should have ended in the happy beginning of two young Missouri women beginning the next stage of their lives. Instead, it has become one of the greatest mysteries that remains unsolved as we approach the 32nd anniversary. What happened to the Springfield 3?

The Springfield, Missouri Police Department has the sad history of this case which remains a cold case to this day. They became aware that something was wrong when the parents of Stacy McCall said they could not locate their daughter and that she had been at the home of Sherrill Levitt and Suzanne Streeter. Sherrill Levitt was Suzanne's mother.

Springfield, Missouri Police
Springfield, Missouri Police

Suzanne and Stacy were last seen at approximately 2:15am on June 7, 1992 and Sherrill was last heard from around 11pm on June 6, 1992. All of their vehicles, purses and possessions were found at the home located at 1717 E. Delmar in Springfield, but the women were nowhere to be found.

The FBI, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and numerous other law enforcement agencies have looked into the lives of these 3 Missouri women and have never had a solid lead into what happened to them. No remains have ever been located and the women have never been heard from since that early morning of June 6, 1992. This was the initial news report shortly after the women vanished.

The Springfield, Missouri Police Department says there is still a $43,000 reward for information leading to the location and prosecution of those responsible for the abduction of these 3 Missouri women. As it stands as of this writing, their disappearance remains one of the most notorious unsolved cold cases in Missouri history.

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