Have you ever seen something while you're driving then do a double-take to make sure that you really saw what you think you saw? That happened on Illinois highway 57 last night where someone thinks they might have seen a wolf and a corgi dog.

If you don't already like and follow WCIL Scanner Radio on Facebook, you should. You'll see some very informative emergency information and sometimes some very wacky observations. This is that second one. Be sure to read all the comments if you can on your device.

So many great comments, but here are a few favorites:

Kris Kincaid - Let the wolf and corgi be! You can’t stop their love!

Chance Shrader - If it was a wolf the corgi was a midnight snack😂

Randy Hebel - Was there a girl in a red cape nearby

Terri Heck - And honestly. There really was monkies

Deanna Rose - So many people think wolves are not in this area. So many people are wrong. I've had them migrate into my yard. They tend to show up when I have multiple females in heat. No mistaking their size and mannerisms. Definitely not just coyotes

I'm just dying here (in a good way). So many questions and so much laughter. So is it a wolf or a coyote? Combine that with all the funny GIF's and this is easily one of the most entertaining things I've seen on Facebook this year.

The wolf aspect of this is interesting as I've had lots of friends who know what coyotes look like that have seen what they firmly believe are wolves in this area.

One final update. Listener Dakota messaged us and said that she has two dogs, one a Husky and one a Corgi that live near 57 and play together often, so it could be that her husky is what some have mistaken for a wolf.

Thank you tri-states for being you. Wouldn't want you any other way.

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