I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before. Storm chaser video shows softball-sized hail that reportedly destroyed 100 windshields of vehicles along I-55 in Illinois on Thursday.

Illinois Storm Community video shared on Facebook by Jack Hart today shows remarkable hail destruction in Illinois today. There's no confirmation from the Illinois State Police yet, but the video is proof enough of what driving on I-55 in Illinois was like during the severe storms that moved through the area earlier.

I will keep an eye on accident reports and update this article once new information is available, but this massive hail event was just one of the crazy weather moments captured today. This was shared just after some gorilla hail was captured on video by storm chasers in Missouri late Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

KSDK in St. Louis also confirmed this large hail event on I-55 today. The hail report from NOAA shows that this hail damage is being reported and reviewed as of this writing.

Infographic, NOAA
Infographic, NOAA

And to think that Spring doesn't officially begin for another week, yet we're already experiencing a wild start to thunderstorm season.

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