If you look around your own neighborhood you probably have noticed more homes with only a single person living in it. This is a trend that has been moving up in recent years. With the divorce rate escalating, this number will only go higher. I was talking about this topic the other day with a friend of mine and we were saying "I wonder just how many single people are living alone in Adams and surrounding Counties". Well thanks to the Census we "all" filled out in 2010 the numbers are available and I took the liberty to look them up. In Adams County 32% of the homes have just one occupant. Brown County has 32% and Hancock and Pike Counties in Illinois both show 28%. On the Missouri side, Marion County has 29% of the homes there occupied by just one person. Lewis and Clark Counties both came in at 28% with Pike County at 27% and Ralls County at 23% according to the Census numbers. It will be interesting to see the number in 2020. I bet they will be higher.

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