I don't have babies anymore, but when I did I found myself as the only parent changing the girls when we were out in a restaurant. Should there be changing tables in the men's restrooms?

Yes! It took two people to have the child, why should it not be that two people have to take care of that child when out in public? When did it just become the mother's responsibility to change a diaper? I see a lot of my friends who have small children in diapers deal with this situation every time we are out together.

It's not like the father doesn't want to help, but what his he to do put the baby on a dirty public bathroom floor? That's not fair for him or the child. Restaurants needs to adapt to having changing tables in both their women and men's bathrooms. It should not be on the mother to take care of all the diaper changes, it's just not fair.

And what if the child lives in a single parent household and that single parent is a father, what is he suppose to do, ask a random stranger to change his kids diaper? Yes, there are family bathrooms, but not everywhere, and not in every restaurant. I strongly believe restaurants, businesses, shopping malls, need to either add a changing table in the men's restroom or build a family restroom, and accommodate to the modern family.

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