I was just thinking out loud about county fairs. It is county fair season and you either love going to them or hate them. That probably depends on your upbringing. If you were born in a rural area you are probably all in, but if you come from the city you probably aren't. I was born in a large city (Brooklyn, New York), but then moved upstate (Rome, New York) and lived next to a dairy farm. So I have had the best and worst of both worlds. There are some things about living in the city I love and some I hate. The same holds true for living outside the city as well.

I guess that's the same as far as how I feel about the county fairs. I love some of it and the rest I could do without. I say this because there really is something for everyone at the county fairs. The makeup of the people attending is dominated by rural folks, but the city folks need to see what they are missing.

For some people in Quincy, there is no way for them to get out to Mendon to the Adams County Fair. Perhaps that is an issue the Fair Board might want to look at. Is a shuttle from the city to the fairgrounds something worth looking at?  Would people take a shuttle to the fair from Quincy?  Could the shuttle be sponsored by a business to make it a free ride there and back? What do you think?

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