Every day comes word of something else that is possibly going to change. Such is the case of high schools going to the use of a shot clock. In an great article in Tuesday’s (4-17) Herald Whig written by David Adam, the newspaper quotes Kurt Gibson, Associate Executive Director of the Illinois High School Association, as saying the addition of the shot clock into high school basketball is "a matter of when, not if."

The article also says Gibson said the shot clock narrowly missed being approved by the National Federation of High Schools last year. The Herald Whig story also mentioned that the issue will probably be debated by the Missouri State High School Activities Association’s Rules Committee next year.

One of the arguments for the shot clock is that it will speed the game up. Another argument for it is that it will prepare high school players for the collegiate game which uses the clock.

Those against the change say that the game is just fine the way it is and that it will remove some of the strategy used by coaches if implemented.

I have mixed feelings about the usage of a shot clock on the high school level.  What do you think?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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