It has long been debated that the system we use for setting bail money is unfair in that wealthy people can afford to get out of jail awaiting a trial date while poor people must stay incarcerated waiting for their trial date. Well, last week California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that eliminates the money bail requirement for Californians to be released from jail while they await trial. California is the first state to do so. People arrested on felony charges will be given a risk assessment to determine whether they could be released from jail with an ankle monitoring devise.

Supporters of the legislation said it would eliminate disparities in release rates based on wealth. Opponents say the changes are complex and may force more people to remain in jail awaiting trial. Some say it will open the door for more people to flee from prosecution.

Meanwhile, the state bail bond industry representatives say it will kill their industry. they say they will fight this new legislation. So is this new legislation a good change in your estimation?  What are your thoughts?

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