Once upon a time, I thought I was made for a career in law enforcement. Fortunately, for the general public, that didn't work out. However, the United States Marshals was the goal back then and they remain one of the most effective law enforcement agencies. According to their website, there are a half dozen Missouri fugitives still at large.

The United States Marshals Eastern District of Missouri website still lists these 6 men as fugitives still on the run from the law. As long as they remain at large, they are to be considered armed and very dangerous.

6 Dangerous Missouri Fugitives on the Run from US Marshals

Gallery Credit: US Marshals

If you see any of these individuals, do not approach and try to apprehend them. You can call the United States Marshals Eastern District of Missouri field office at (573) 986-4747 or your local Missouri law enforcement agency. If it's an emergency situation, call 911.

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