This may be the week of love, but starting next Monday February 15, the Shamrock Shake will be back at selected McDonald's.

Everyone know how I feel about Valentine's Day, I'm so ready for "love week" to be over so we can move on to the next big holiday: St. Patrick's Day. And as they do every year around this time, McDonald's is bringing back one of their most popular seasonal shakes (for a limited time, obviously). And with it the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry which debuted last year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the famous green shake.

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According to,

The fast-food giant announced Tuesday that the popular Shamrock Shake will return to participating restaurants nationwide Feb. 15 "to mark the first green of spring." It will be joined by the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which first debuted last February in honor of the shake's 50th anniversary.

It's hard to think about ice cream during this cold, snowy weather we are having now, but my response take one for the team and drink it anyway (or eat one). The drinks will be back for a limited time, so when they are released next Monday hurry to your local McDonald's. I'm not a big of mint flavors, but there is something about the Shamrock Shake that just gets me ready for St. Patrick's Day!

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