As a parent and grandparent, I can not even fathom my child or grandchild being missing. Imagine what is going through the minds of the parents of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts of Brooklyn, Iowa.  She has been missing since July 18 when she went jogging. Unfortunately, she is just one of thousands of adults and children who are reported to be missing in our country. The mental anguish sustained by the parents of these individuals has to be incredible.  With the constant questioning of what happened to their child or where their child might be, how could a parent even sleep? I know I couldn't. Yet their lives must go on despite it all.

The story of missing Molly Tibbetts is at the forefront of the news especially in Iowa. If not found soon, her news story will fade like all the others who are missing. She is just one missing person. Who else is missing in the Tri-State area? I wondered that question and went searching for information and found lists for each state. The links to each site are below.

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