When it opened in the 1990's, it was an exciting place to see up-and-coming racers in Missouri. But, since it closed more than 18 years ago, there's practically nothing left of this speedway.

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This used to be the Joplin 66 Speedway. It opened in 1993 and thrived for nearly a decade before closing in 2004. An urban explorer visited the track and found that very little remains of what used to be one of the fastest tracks in the Midwest.

This used to be what the Joplin 66 Speedway was when it hosted a late model event in 2000.

One of the last events at the track was a World of Outlaws race in 2004.

Race Tracks mentions that Joplin 66 Speedway was also known as Midwest Motor Speedway and opened in July of 1993 and ran through the 2004 season. It was just a hop, skip and a jump off of historic Route 66.

Now, it's just a shadow of its former racing glory with nature reclaiming the land that was once a banked clay oval. What was often an exciting Saturday night venue is now just a vacant area with crumbling structures that now only remains in memories of those that raced there.

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