There hasn't been anything like this on the Missouri River for as long as I can remember. New video shows the historic ice jam that's causing all kinds of problems up and down the mighty Missouri River.

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The Nebraska State Patrol shared this crazy video on their Facebook page showing just how bad the ice jam on the Missouri River has become. KLKN shared the video they captured on YouTube.

This ice jam has caused issues near Omaha, Nebraska and even into Kansas and Missouri where some residents were reportedly told to conserve water as authorities deal with this ice. The combination of record low water levels along the Missouri River this year with the new ice flow has provided some challenges for those that depend on its water.

The National Weather Service provided an update on Twitter which add the hopeful prediction that the warmer weather at the end of this week will help melt that ice and restore the flow of the Missouri River to what it normally is.

Add this ice jam to the ongoing challenges that the drought has already provided those that live near and depend on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

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