On May 17 of this year the expected, but still devastating, news came that the Quincy Sears store was going to close its doors for good. It left 23 full-time and part-time employees looking for other positions. Some have remained since then to help with the liquidation of items in the store.  That liquidation period of time will run out when the store closes its doors for the final time Sunday night. Its closure will mark the end of a 90 year run in Quincy.

The first Sears & Roebuck store opened in downtown Quincy in 1928. It remained there until 1962 when the store move into the Town & Country Shopping Center at 30th and Broadway. The Sears store then moved to its current location at the Quincy Mall in 1978.

According to a May 17 article in the Herald Whig, Sears Holdings still owns the soon to be vacant building.

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