Let's get this out of the way from the start. I have lots of friends and family who are either from Iowa or live in Iowa and I love them all. Many of them would freely admit that what I've found is accurate and that's the fact their drivers are among the worst in America.

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By the way, this isn't just my opinion. Quote Wizard used real science to determine what states have the worst drivers. Check out their methodology (their exact words, by the way):

We analyzed over 10 million insurance quotes to find out which states have the worst drivers in America and which have the best. Drivers were evaluated on four factors to determine overall driving quality. Those factors include: accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations

Like I said, SCIENCE. With the numbers crunched Iowa drivers are rated as the 3rd worst in America. But, there's good news. That's actually an improvement as last year they were #1. I'm so proud of you, Children of the Corn.

Anecdotal story now. My wife (who's from Keokuk, Iowa), kids and I were driving to Keokuk from Cedar Rapids when a car passed us and immediately pulled into our lane with barely 2 feet to spare. It was a 4-lane interstate and there was no other traffic. Why did they do that? My wife (very matter of fact) said "That's how we drive here". Mic drop moment. She wasn't wrong.

Who's worse than Iowa if they're #3? Only California and Utah. I also agree with those states being asked to sit in the driving no-no chair. You can check out the Quote Wizard rankings for more backstory on why you take extra care when that vehicle near you has Iowa plates.

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