When wild deer find themselves in the middle of a neighborhood, sometimes bad things happen. In this case, it was all's well that ends well for a fawn who found herself stuck in the window well of a home in Illinois until firefighters came to her rescue.

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I saw this story (with a happy ending fortunately) shared by the Lake and McHenry County Scanner. The Long Grove Fire Fighters Union IAFF Local 5145 shared this difficult situation on their Facebook page.

In case you can't see their Facebook status, here's what they had to say about this deer predicament:

On 8/22/22 Red shift responded to rescue a deer trapped in a window well. The crew arrived and quickly came up with a plan to rescue the struggling and scared animal. The deer was then removed without injury to the animal or personnel and relocated to a safe area for release. Local 5145 would like to say thank you for the above and beyond efforts from our members. Great job!

The good news is this scared fawn is now back in the wild and did not harm herself. It sadly doesn't always end happily ever after. You might remember a spooked deer back in 2014 that jumped off of an Illinois overpass and into the window of a vehicle going 70 mph down the interstate.

Well done by the Long Grove Fire Fighters Union IAFF Local 5145 for being heroes once again for humans and deer.

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