As we get ready for this year's St. Patrick's Parade, I find myself looking back at the past twenty-eight years of the parade in Quincy.

I have so many memories of this little parade we started all those years ago. From where it began to where it is now is amazing. It was just Dorsey and I walking down Maine Street in Quincy wishing everybody a Happy St. Patrick's Day. That's it. No big fan fair, no big floats that you see in bigger parades, just two guys walking down Maine Street.

Until a policeman came by one day and said, "Boys, ya gotta get a permit to do this?" We thought we might have to pay a fine or worse yet, go to jail. But no. The policeman said just said get the permit and you will be fine. He was right. We are fine in the St. Patrick's parade that has now grown to almost 100 entries. We did not expect this. We just did it for some fun.

St. Patrick's Day Parade, Quincy, Illinois

I remember through the years, people have brought us many things in the parade. People would bring us green beads,food,drinks. People running for office would be in the parade and bring us cards and candy. I remember one older lady who was watching the parade brought me a green cover that she knitted herself. I still have that. I remember my son being in the parade with me on several occasions. My wife and her party , who we named "The Herd Of Women" are always in the parade. And they have kept that name ever since.

This little parade has grown to be one of the major parades in Quincy. What will happen on the 30th Saint Patrick's Parade next year? The same thing as in the past, nothing but fun. Thank You to everyone who has had some fun wearin' the green with us!

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