This just in. Not everything you see on the internet is true. I know that's hard to believe in itself. That's especially the case with claims that if you see a sack over side mirrors of a vehicle in Missouri that it means something dire is happening. Let's all calm down and I'll explain the real reason why you'll see this sometimes.

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In case you're new to this internet thing, many places love it (and profit) when they can freak you out. I don't mean to be hypocritical since I'm on the internet right now, but I don't spread unfounded internet rumors if I can help it. This is a great example.

There is a graphic/meme I've seen shared in some Missouri Facebook groups claiming that if you see a sack over a side mirror that it means someone is having a medical emergency. (*face palm*) That's almost never the case.

What's the real reason why someone would place a sack over a side mirror?

J.D. Power (a reputable source in my opinion) explains that the reason is very practical. I've known people to do this during the winter months to avoid freezing/frost on mirrors.

Some people you see traveling through Missouri will put bags on their mirrors for privacy reasons making it more difficult for someone to peer into a window and see valuables.

Here's a common sense pro tip that maybe you didn't ask for. If you see a bag over a side mirror, just look and see if someone appears to be in distress. In that case, by all means intervene and call for help. Otherwise, just leave them alone unless there appears to be a real problem. The reason is likely just practical and not an emergency.

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