This is one of the strangest finds in Missouri history. There's a retro video remembering the time when a Missouri family found a mysterious sarcophagus in an unmarked grave.

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This bizarre story was reported on by KMBC in Kansas City a decade and a half ago. It's a sarcophagus that a family found in the Machpelah Cemetery in Lexington, Missouri. At the time, they were wanting to find out what was contained in an unmarked grave in their family plot. What they discovered was startling.

The remains were sent to the University of Missouri where experts examined the sarcophagus itself and the body inside. Bob Stewart said on the video report that he believed it was his great great grandfather's first wife, Elizabeth Tripplet. The problem is there's no way to know for sure.

The family had the remains buried again in the cemetery at the time back in 2007 and had another ceremony to remember the life of Elizabeth Tripplet or whoever rests in that sarcophagus.

The Lexington, Missouri cemetery is a historical one with a mass grave for victims of a Missouri steamboat explosion, the Saluda, on April 9, 1852. So much history in Missouri above ground...and below, too.

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