I was gonna use the word "guess", but there is some science behind a prediction of how many tornadoes Missouri and Illinois will see in 2024.

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I have enjoyed following Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist for years. Since my wife is a weather nerd/meteorologist, I became interested in Reed's storm chasing. He's quite a personality, but he's also a weather guy who apparently has a PhD. He just dropped this interesting graphic on his Facebook page with an accompanying video.

Reed's theory involves baking together a number of metrics including average number of tornadoes each state normally sees, ocean water temperatures and many other atmospheric things where the end result is the number of twisters that Missouri, Illinois and many other states will eventually experience.

With all the factors taken into consideration, Reed Timmer is predicting 50 tornadoes in Missouri and also 50 in Illinois during 2024.

If you're interested in tornadoes, you really need to watch Reed and his team's explanation about why he expects a big uptick of tornadoes in 2024 for our part of America. I'm guessing if you are interested in storm chasing, you're likely already following Reed on Facebook and YouTube.

Of everyone that passionately chases storms, Reed Timmer is among the most well-known. Time will tell if his 2024 twister prediction ends up being accurate.

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