This morning it was announced that the clothing store Bon-Ton (the parent company of Bergner's) was claiming bankruptcy. We didn't know whether the Berger's located in the Quincy Mall would be closing as a result...until now.

According to KHQA, the Quincy's Bergner's store will be closing in the coming months. The store is just one of many stores that have closed in recent years at the Quincy Mall. Cullinan Properties, put out an official statement in regards to the recent news of the closing which you can see in its entirety on the KHQA site:

"Given that the Quincy Mall Bergner’s was among the top performing stores in the Bon-Ton portfolio, we are especially disappointed to see them have to close their doors in Quincy, although we began evaluating opportunities to backfill their space in Quincy several months ago. "

There have been several business that have opened within the past year or so at the Quincy Mall. Slumberland took over the old JC Penney spot and Sidell's Bakery and (soon) Que Town BBQ offer a couple places to grab a bite while at the mall.

There is no word yet on an official closing date or when liquidation sales will begin, but we will keep you updated as information is released.

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