We all know living in the Midwest one day its 65 degrees and then next its 20, but this past weekend we all might as well have been in Antarctica since it was technically warmer there.

No human being actually lives in Antarctica, but there are weather stations that report temperatures. Last week the weather in the Tri-State area was in the low to mid-teens while one weekday (Wednesday 12/27 we saw a low of -4), in Antarctica it was 37 degrees. That's it, I'm packing up and moving to Antarctica.

I hate being cold all the time and if it's warmer in Antarctica, maybe I'll just set up camp down there until this cold front passes. I can live with penguins and I guess I'll have to take up ice fishing.

There are only two weathers stations reporting negative temperatures in Antarctica (which is right about where we were today). One was the South Pole. We will survive this frozen tundra we are in and in a few months we'll be complaining how hot and humid it is outside. Just think about that moment while you're warming up the car and have six layers of clothes on.

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