Ever wonder what some of Quincy’s beautiful buildings were back in the day in Quincy? The Quincy Preserves is selling a book about the historic building in Quincy and what they once were.

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The book called Quincy Historic Architecture, by Richard Payne, is currently on sale through their website, or at the Villa Katherine. This coffee table book is a celebration of Quincy’s rich architectural history, and a record that can be enjoyed today and shared for years to come.

See what life was like back when these beautiful buildings were in their prime. This would make a great Christmas/birthday present for that person who loves history and architecture.

I love history and knowing where things came from, and what they were in the past. How cool would it be to see what Quincy looked like, and what these beautiful buildings were? You can purchase this book on Amazon for over $100, but the Quincy Preserves is selling it for under $50, and you support a local organization.

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