We're coming up on Polar Plunge season, when lunatics brave citizens will raise money for Special Olympics by jumping in -- sometimes taking a swim in -- a frozen lake. These events are always successful, and participants and teams look forward to plunging each year. If the thought of jumping in a lake that had to be ice picked moments before sounds just a little odd to you, wait until you hear what Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley is planning to do...for the second year in a row!

Copley will be traveling to Evanston, Illinois for the Super Plunge. What's the difference between a Super Plunge and the regular Polar Plunge? It's the same concept, except during the Super Plunge, plungers will be jumping into Lake Michigan once an hour for 24 hours!

According to the Quincy Police Department, Chief Copley raised over $3,000 for Special Olympics Illinois during the Super Plunge in 2014, and is hoping for another successful campaign in 2015. You can help support the chief's efforts by making a donation online.

The Super Plunge for Special Olympics Illinois will be February 20 - 21 at Northwestern University Beach in Evanston. The Quincy Polar Plunge at Moorman Lake will be February 28 at 12:15. Special Olympics Missouri will be holding a Polar Plunge in Hannibal on the same day.

Hats off to Chief Copley for being a champ and helping out this worthwhile cause!

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