In a state like Illinois, winter is inevitable, so why doesn't a city like Quincy have more opportunities for people to actually enjoy the winter months?

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Winter tourism is a real thing and a city like ours (Quincy, IL) should be taking advantage of winter tourism. Yesterday 8 inches of snow fell on Quincy in less than 10 hours, obviously that forced school closures, and a bunch of businesses to close as well, but there should be industries built in Quincy that thrive in the snow. So many parents are left wondering what to do with the kids today on a snow day from school, things like an outdoor ice skating rink in one of Quincy's many beautiful parks would be thriving today, or heck it doesn't have to be an ice skating rink what about places to try winter sports featured in the Olympics like curling, snowboarding, cross country skiing through South Park would be pretty cool!

It doesn't just have to be ice skating rinks and permanent activities, what about Winter Festivals? Close off the downtown around Washington Park and have a big winter festival celebrating all things winter, host craft markets in tents, hot chocolate/coffee stands, bring in vendors with seasonal food and adult beverage treats and try to make something fun out of the winter months.

I know this may just seem like a pipe dream but it is just so disheartening to constantly be like "oh well I can't wait for the warm weather so we can do stuff again" or "can't wait for summer so we can go to K of C BBQ and have a drink outside" We live in ILLINOIS! It's cold here a lot! We gotta embrace that and have some fun, exciting, and money-making events throughout the winter months too don't ya think?

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