If you think Quincy is a city filled with beautiful trees, you are right.  So much so, that the City for the 33rd year in a row has received the designation as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. Quincy believes in its trees in that the city actually has a Tree Commission, a tree care ordinance in place, and a community forestry budget all of which helped attain the latest designation.

After the huge windstorm of 2015, thousands of trees were destroyed, but the city's Tree Commission went to work and planted thousands of new trees in parks and city rights of way.

This year, Arbor Day will be held on April 26 and the Quincy Tree Commission is planning on planting a new tree at one of the new schools in the city which will go a long way in educating students how important trees are not only to our city but to our survival as well.

The Quincy Tree Commission is a volunteer organization.

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